How to enable idle timeout / AFK channel?

You may want to enable the idle timeout / AFK feature on your MumbleMe Server to move any idle users into an "AFK" channel.
In order to enable this feature perform the following steps:-

1) Go to the Mumble Admin page, click on the configuration icon next to your server.
2) Click on the "Settings" tab of your server configuration.
3) Next to the "Idle Timer" option, select "Enabled"
4) Next to the "Idle Timeout" option, enter the number of minutes your users should be idle before being moved to the idle channel.
5) Next to the "Idle Channel" option, select the channel you wish to move your users.
TIP! You can set the ACL of the specified channel to auto muto / auto defean users who enter the channel (this can be performed under the channel configuraiton under the "Channels" tab).

NB! Please note that the idle timer is measured on the Mumble client and not on the Operating System.