Frequently Asked Questions


The billing cycle gives you a few options

  1. You can sign up for a trial server which does not require any payment or card details. This is a great way to test out the service and convince your fellow gamers that Mumble is the right choice.
  2. Sign up for our recurring subscription payment by selecting "Monthly", "Quarterly" or "Semi-Annually" and you will be billed automatically on each recurring date. This payment method requires a PayPal account.
  3. Finally we have our original one time payment option were by selecting "1 Month - OTP", "3 Months - OTP" or "6 Months - OTP" you can checkout using PayPal, debit or credit card and we will notify you when you server is due for renewal.

You can view and manage your subscriptions via Paypal. Once logged into Paypal click on Profile (Wheel icon next to the logout button, -> "Pre-approved payments" under "Payment settings".
Here you will see all of your pre-approved payments, click on the Merchant "MumbleMe" and this will take you to another page which describes the details of the MumbleMe subscription.
If you wish to cancel your service then click on the "cancel" link.

No, we are not that cheeky!
Your service will continue to run until your billing cycle expires. You could even sign up for a monthly server and cancel the subscription directly afterwards and still use your server for the remainder of the month.

Login to MumbleMe and navigate to the Mumble Admin section where you can click on the renew icon which will take you through the checkout process. Any days currently active on your server will be carried over to your new subscription.

You can do this one of two ways

  1. Login to MumbleMe and click on "My account" -> "Recurring Fees", here you can view your current subscriptions.
  2. Login to PayPal and click on "Profile" -> "My Money" -> "My pre-approved payments". You can view and cancel subscriptions using this method.

All MumbleMe servers have a default setting of 130000 bps which is the maximum bandwidth capaible between a mumble client and server at this time of writing.

By default the MumbleMe servers are setup with a password, so by nagivating to "Mumble Admin" -> "Configure" -> "Manage" you can clear the "password" field, allowing anyone to join your server.

A majority of the newer mulitplayer games are coming out with positional audio as standard. To get a current list of the supported games and instructions on how to enable positional audio head over to the following

MumbleMe is running Murmur 1.2.4 on all servers, you can take advantage of all the neat new features by upgrading to the latest client ( For a full list of features available check out the following link

Yes, MumbleMe supports priority speaker, this means when a priority user starts talking all other people in the channel are attenuated.
Take a look at our Free Trial servers and get signed up.

If you need to upgrade / downgrade the number of slots of your MumbleMe server then contact us through the link and we will be happy to make the adjustment.

To record you can click self -> record and "Start" the recording. You can only record what you hear or say, ie: the channel you are connected to.
The recorded file is stored on your hard disk, so make sure you do not run out of space.
The following audio formats are supported:-

  • wav (uncompressed)
  • ogg/vorbis (compressed)
  • au (uncompressed)
  • flac (lossless compressed)

For more information please visit the Mumble site

Yes. MumbleMe supports the Channel Viewer Protocol as per the article

To configure the Channel Viewer Protocol for your website please refer to the link on the Mumble Admin page.

The MumbleMe servers are located in the EU and USA

  • United Kingdom (London)
  • New York (New York)

If you get the error message "A referral was returned by the server" when starting the Mumble client then please follow the following steps.

1) Uninstall the Mumble Client from "Add remove programs"

2) Download and install the 1.2.3a client from

*For a full explanation then please head over to the link

You may want to enable the idle timeout / AFK feature on your MumbleMe Server to move any idle users into an "AFK" channel.
In order to enable this feature perform the following steps:-

1) Go to the Mumble Admin page, click on the configuration icon next to your server.
2) Click on the "Settings" tab of your server configuration.
3) Next to the "Idle Timer" option, select "Enabled"
4) Next to the "Idle Timeout" option, enter the number of minutes your users should be idle before being moved to the idle channel.
5) Next to the "Idle Channel" option, select the channel you wish to move your users.
TIP! You can set the ACL of the specified channel to auto muto / auto defean users who enter the channel (this can be performed under the channel configuraiton under the "Channels" tab).

NB! Please note that the idle timer is measured on the Mumble client and not on the Operating System.